CG #18: Can You Fully "Unplug" on Vacation?

When is the last time you were able to fully "unplug" from work while on vacation?

CG #17: Are You Empowering Your People?

In what ways are you empowering the next layer down?

CG #16: Bringing New Ideas to the Table

How are you allowing employees to bring new ideas to the table?

CG #15: "Shark Tank" for Leaders

What if you brought "Shark Tank" inside your organization? The best ideas are inside your organization... you just need to find them.

CG #14: Start, Stop, Continue at Home

Try this simple exercise with your family at home.

CG #13: Leadership at Home

What if you took what you learned at the conference table to the dinner table?

CG #12: How High is Your Organization Flying?

As leaders, it's our responsibility to fly higher than the rest of the organization to consistently see the greater vision.

CG #11: How Do You Define Strategy?

What does strategy, the word, mean to you? How do you define it? How does your team define it?

CG #10: Let's Talk About Recognition

How do you recognize the people on your team? Is it more than just a gift card or lunch? Take some time to get to know your team to be able to recognize them in a deeper way.

CG #9: From Here to There

How do you get your team from "here" to "there?" Maybe it's not so much about your messaging to get your team to "there," but instead it's about why you can't stay "here."

CG #8: Are You Living Your Mission, Vision, and Values?

When's the last time you broke down and examined the pieces and parts of your mission, vision, and values? Are they more than just words at the end of your email signature or a poster on the wall? Take time to sit down with your team and talk through how you're living your mission, vision, and values and watch as your team elevates to the next level.

CG #7: Do you have clarity around your priorities?

As leaders, it's so important that we help clarify new priorities for our team. As we know, every new decision made from the top equals 10 hours of work below. Giving clarity around priorities will help your team become more efficient.

CG #6: Are You Tapping into the Heart of your People?

Are you tapping into the heart of your employees? When heart flows down through an organization it's amazing to see the results.

CG #5: High, Low, and No Impact

Ever feel like you're drowning in things to do? Try using the high, low, and no impact exercise during your day to see how you can best prioritize your daily responsibilities.

CG #4: How Can I Serve Better as a Leader?

Sometimes, as leaders, we need to ask ourselves the question: How can I serve my team better?

CG #3: Take Time to Celebrate Q1 Accomplishments

Leaders, now that Q1 has wrapped, it's important to take time to look back and celebrate your accomplishments as a team and individually.

CG #2: End of the Year Recognition

Thank you cards are a simple, but great way to show your team appreciation this time of year.

CG #1: Leaders...it's Halftime

Leaders, it's that time of year we like to call 'Halftime.'

Three tips we want to share with you so that you and your team are prepared for the second half of your year:

  1. Plan and schedule a meeting to review the first half of your year and how to best move forward for the second half of the year.

  2. Prepare your team. Send the meeting agenda out ahead of time so your time can properly prepare for how to best move forward.

  3. Go have some fun! Celebrate your victories from the first half of your year.