Thread: Leadership through a different lens conference

This is a conference for leaders that see things differently. For those that look through a different lens. This is for those leaders that embrace heart and want to continue to champion his or her people on a daily basis. Come join us & hear our 4 amazing speakers teach us how rest, real, weird, & joy crucial, but often neglected, in today's leadership. 


Brad stinson

brad spent 12 years in corporate america building teams, developing leaders, and elevating cultures. my heart beats to help individuals and teams find out where they are right now, own their story moving forward, & put them on a path to get them where they want to go. brad enjoys traveling, dating his wife every week, and raising 3 amazing boys.


BEkah Pogue

Bekah Jane Pogue could give a rat's ass about telling you how great she is and all the things she's done. She's a work in progress. Sometimes she writes and leads retreats but mostly she's finding her truest self at home in listening. Listening to God's voice, her kids, her neighbors, her husband, the people God confetties in her path. She's caring more about trusting Him than anything else. She likes porch cocktails and dancing like Shakira. She's most alive going off-road wildflower picking and offering spiritual direction as she trains to become a Spiritual Director. She lives to create a safe space for people to come as they are and know soul care and grace upon grace.


CJ CAsciotta

Hi, I'm CJ. I'm a husband, dad, & author of the book Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference, in bookstores everywhere this September. 

For over 15 years I’ve helped some of the world's biggest brands discover their unique identity and share it creatively including LululemonThe United NationsMGM Studios, and Whole Foods. My work has been featured on national media including CBSMTVAmazon Prime, and The Huffington Post. Lately, I’ve been sharing some of my ideas, speaking at places like TEDxSaddleback ChurchStory Conference, and Charity:Water.

No matter who you are, whether you're the CEO of a Fortune 100 or in the third grade, I'm passionate about helping you discover and own your unique contribution to the world.





CZ is perhaps best known for his deep empathy and contagious passion for the gospel, which defies barriers of age, ethnicity, and religion. Whether teaching, speaking, or writing, CZ provides a perspective on the gospel that is raw, accessible, and relevant. Curtis has served in various ministry and leadership roles over the last 15 years―including church planting, pastoring, and speaking on rest, the kingdom, and the beauty of the gospel. Curtis, his wife Monique, and two sons, Noah and Micah, currently live in Franklin, TN.


danny williamson

danny is a storyteller and itinerant speaker in both domestic and international settings. he holds a bachelor of science in religion and a master of arts in executive leadership. danny has more than 16 years of nonprofit and leadership experience. he is currently the executive director for speaking louder ministries, and the chief joy officer at the collective global. he enjoys coffee, jet lag, camping, jogging, poetry, and has a passion for joy in the workplace.

The benefits of choosing heart

  1. clear communication between leadership and team

the collective is a people focused consultancy

For the past 10 years our impact has come from focusing on the people side of innovation – the values, behaviors, skills, mindsets and spirit – that make the difference between a smart idea on paper and a living, thriving business.

"this is the coolest thing i've done in my career"

Tim, Fortune 500 company

the collective is a people focused consultancy.
We use _______ to wake up leaders and their teams.

Our focus is on building peoples' competence and confidence to work in new and innovative ways. We’re not interested in building your solution behind closed doors. Instead, we’re throwing open our doors to design, teach, and experiment alongside you. 

We do this by creating learning experiences that expose your team to the design process, accelerating and guiding projects with you to get meaningful work done, and by exploring a constant curiosity through experimentation and prototyping. 

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The Collective offers an 11-step process that influential leaders, companies, sports organizations, and movements have used to create transformation throughout history. It’s called The Path. Discover how this unique approach is producing tangible business results while enriching the people who take its journey.


Discover the results for yourself!

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